Today’s shoppers are on-the-go! The vast majority of American supermarket purveyors(85%, in fact!) shop with a trusty smartphone in-hand, up from 35% scarcely a decade ago. This stunning societal transformation has brought along with it new demands for convenience and connectedness across channels, a burden all market players must bear if they want to compete.

Top drivers in the perception of value among supermarket patrons include price and overall “bang-for-buck” first and foremost, followed by quality of produce and fresh meat, location, and ease of shopping. You may not have much flexibility when it comes to location and supply chain partners, but “ease of shopping” is a variable you can control, particularly given all the innovative and exciting technology at your disposal.

Mobile Ad Personalization

The Save Mart Companies in California partnered with Swiftly to offer a unique, personalized in-store experience, including Click & Collect, Delivery, and Endless Aisle shopping. “Partnering with Swifly will allow us to unlock new revenue streams through enhanced connections between customers and leading brands,” explained Chief Merchandising Officer Rebecca Calvin.

Using the Swiftly platform also allows brick-and-mortar supermarkets to generate new advertising revenue streams, while providing a seamless, digitally connected experience for their customers. Save Mart stores are able to offer their Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company partners insight into consumer behavior and the ability to leverage dynamic ad placements, targeted content, sponsored searches, and customized product recommendations.

By connecting with shoppers in real-time, as consumers shop, brands affect purchase decisions when and where it matters most -- in the aisle, at the point of sale. For grocers, there’s value in offering a tailored marketing program through a smartphone platform; with the use of customized ads, Swiftly customers spend 1.5x more than the average shopper.

Closed Loop Reporting

Shoppers want to get close to you. They want their favorite grocery stores to know them, cater to them, and make their experience more enjoyable and efficient. With a holistic, dynamic, built-in closed loop reporting system, you’ll be able to track an individual’s ad-browsing preferences and SKU-level purchase patterns, unite sales and marketing data, and follow customers on their journey of engagement with your brand over the course of an entire lifecycle.

Using this data, you’ll know whether a particular campaign is or isn’t working, so you can justify ad expenditures or switch gears to a more effective strategy. You’ll be able to tailor digital ads, coupons, and messaging to a shopper’s unique needs. You can choose products, prices, and assortments based on hot sellers.

With closed loop analytics, the information is based on real shopper behaviors -- unlike the hypothetical intent-based marketing derived from assessing web browsing history. Also, rather than paying a third-party analytics provider, YOU retain the full right to access this treasure trove of personalized customer history.

Mobile Checkout

Mobile checkout offers the ultimate convenience to smartphone-powered shoppers, with the ability to self-scan and pay for items using a mobile device. Long checkout lines will soon be a frustration of the past! Swiftly offers an optional “fast checkout” experience, where customers scan items through the app as they go and stop only briefly at the exit, where a gatekeeper snaps a photo of their cart or basket to validate the purchase.

Zion Market -- a chain with stores in California, Georgia, and Texas -- has enabled frictionless mobile checkout, along with allowing shoppers the ability to create and save shopping lists, find relevant deals, and automatically apply coupons. Overall, Swiftly has found that shoppers love the fast lane checkout feature and visit stores offering it 40% more often. Now that’s loyalty!

Cairo-based app, The Grocery Shop, uses Swiftly to give its customers a checkout experience that’s not only secure but highly personalizable. Of course it uses secure protocol to ensure the privacy of card data, but it also customers to choose their delivery preferences at checkout. A shopper can elect to have their groceries left at their door, ensuring no physical contact, and allows them to say if they want their doorbell rang or not. This is ideal for those with young children or pets.

Ready to create customer value and build loyalty?

While it may be tempting to run with ecommerce strategies in this Digital Era, marketing dollars are finite and it’s worth keeping our feet on the ground. After all, online orders were worth just $95 billion out of the $759.57 billion dollar total grocery sales in 2020. Consumer loyalty was really put to the test amid stay-at-home orders, masking requirements, and safety concerns, but shoppers proved that they still valued the in-store experience. Grocers have an enormous opportunity to pick up advertising revenue, gather their own data, and improve their customer experiences like never before. Contact Swiftly to learn how easy it is to get started.