The world is watching as digital giants take over our biggest global industries, one by one. The next big battleground is advertising. If retailers don’t fight to take what’s theirs, they’re at risk of losing more than just their place on the battlefield—they’re at risk of losing everything.  There is no need to gamble or guess how to compete.

As Amazon’s ecommerce business grew by double digits in 2020, its advertising business followed suit, generating $22.4B in advertising revenue in the last 12 months, This momentum pushed the company’s share of the US digital ad market past 10% for the first time in history.

This year, Amazon’s US ad business is predicted to grow another 30.1%, surpassing $20 billion and surging past $30 billion by 2023. Key variables driving this explosion include general pandemic-fueled ecommerce growth, search revenues from sponsored products and brands, and video ad revenues across Amazon’s properties—from Amazon Fire TV to Twitch.

The giant continues to chip away at Google’s decreasing digital ad share, all while dominating another key segment: The $24 billion ecommerce channel advertising market. The search advertising and retail property display ads that account for around 89% of Amazon’s total ad business position the company to control 76.2% of the market by the end of 2021. The runner up? Walmart, with just 6.5% of the market.[1]

The writing’s on the wall: Amazon is coming for you. If you want to survive, you can—but you need to do something about it now.

Complacency will be what kills you

The war isn’t over, and digital ad spend is still on the rise. As Amazon and Walmart continue to dominate, many retailers are taking a backseat—simply assuming there’s nothing they can do to challenge the big players.

But that’s a fallacy, and it’s one that Amazon, Walmart, Google, and Facebook want underdog brick and mortar establishments to believe. When it comes to capitalizing on the billions of dollars in digital ad revenue, it’s not just about understanding how much the big players have, it’s about knowing how much is left—and what’s still up for grabs.

The reality is, every brick and mortar retailer—big, small, or in between—has the ability to take their share of the market, but time is of the essence. Within the next few months, what’s left for the taking will be gobbled up by the competition. The bottom line? You need to act fast, and you need to act now. You likely know you need to break into the digital ad realm, adopting more than just an in-app coupon feature or some banner space on your company’s website, but you may not know where to start. Here’s where we come in.

Turning to Swiftly will help you win

Swiftly-powered retail media networks are redefining retail media, transforming outdated, in-store and on-the-shelf advertising models into dynamic, multimedia, customer-centric digital engagement hubs meeting customers where they are at every stage of the shopping journey. Whether that’s preliminary mobile or web browsing, a leisurely walk down aisle seven, or a self-service transaction at the checkout kiosk, an end-to-end digital retail media network allows you to connect with customers at every touch point—unlocking valuable online real estate at every step.

A self-owned, self-managed, plug-and-play digital retail media network only available from Swiftly brings the best of the in-store and online shopping experiences together. They enable you to comfortably straddle the boundaries between the two, breaking down barriers to traditional advertising success and ramping up returns as you create an entirely new revenue stream for your business. Partner with brands that seek consistent, measurable returns and predictable profits—and watch as they allocate more of their budgets to a platform providing unprecedented visibility through advanced, AI-powered analytics and real-time, closed-loop reporting.

As you race to secure your share of the digital advertising market, turn to a solution that allows you to build and own your space from the very beginning, setting the stage for sustainable growth well into the future, and keeping your returns firmly in your hands rather than in a third-party’s pockets.  You can be up a running in as little as 12 weeks, without the need for an army of engineers and buckets of cash.  To learn more about how to get started, contact Swiftly today.

[1] Emarketer, “Amazon’s share of the US digital ad market surpassed 10% in 2020