As Thanksgiving creeps closer, so do two other important holidays: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only are these holy days for consumers who love sales, but they’re also among the most important holidays for retailers across the country.

However, as we’re still amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s difficult to know exactly what these beloved discount days will look like this year. Will people still get up at 3 am on Black Friday, throw on a jacket, and head to crowded stores? Or will they sit at their computer on Cyber Monday, awaiting the sales online?

What we do know is that industry giants like Amazon and Walmart will be strong competitors for brick and mortar retailers, as they often offer big discounts that are enticing (and convenient) for shoppers. But it’s not too late for brick and mortar retailers to get in the game, and understanding Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping trends is a great place to start.

Here are some trends leading up to the biggest sales days of the year – and some advice on how brick and mortar retailers can take advantage of them to drive sales.

Shoppers Will Be In-Store

Black Friday of 2020 – amid the pre-vaccine COVID-19 pandemic – saw a massive tank in in-store attendance, with foot traffic falling by 52.1% compared with 2019. However, it’s likely that 2021 will look different, as a survey by found that 77% of shoppers are prepared to shop in-store. In fact, less than a quarter of survey respondents reported having concerns about their health and safety surrounding in-store shopping this year.

So what does this mean for brick and mortar retailers? It means that providing a high-quality in-person shopping experience is as important now as ever.

With Swiftly, you can deliver. A Swiftly-powered retail platform allows you to give customers an easy and efficient in-store experience, even when stores are crowded. You can offer scannable (and personalized) coupons, in-store navigation, mobile checkout, and more that will give shoppers the chance to get in-and-out of your store seamlessly. This way, shoppers can take advantage of the seasonal sales and quickly move on to their next Black Friday shopping destination.

Shoppers Expect Longer-Term Sales

It’s no secret that the supply chain is suffering, which means that shoppers might have to fight harder to get everything they need for the holidays this year. Therefore, shoppers are expecting sales to start early and end late, giving them ample time to buy all the ingredients they need for their Christmas cookies or the toilet paper they need for visiting guests.

With a Swiftly-powered retail platform, you can advertise personalized promotions that stretch beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as alert shoppers when an item they might want is in-stock. This way, your customers can get what they need when they need it – and take advantage of sales.

Shoppers Want Your Help’s survey also found that 42% of shoppers reported “Not knowing what to buy” as one of their holiday shopping stresses. With sales advertised left and right, there can be an overwhelming amount of options for where to go and what to buy.

You can help eliminate that stress – by knowing what your shopper wants before they even know themselves. A Swiftly-powered retail platform uses first-party data to send shoppers product recommendations and promotion alerts based on what they’ve bought in the past, what they’ve searched for in the app, and more. Anticipating your customers’ wants will not only help them take advantage of sales on their most-loved products, but it will also diminish a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday only weeks away, it’s important to know what customers expect so that you can deliver. And these days, customers expect an in-store experience tailored to their individual needs.
A Swiftly-powered retail platform can drive sales and build customer loyalty, contact Swiftly today.