Most shopping trips begin with a list. Retailers and brands can make the most of this trend through a digital app that offers a list-making tool, among other integrated features.

Shopping lists have long been used as a tool for planning effective trips. More than half of shoppers create a list before they make their purchases, according to recent surveys, and this trend is consistent across generations. Like most processes, customers are turning to digital tools to gain inspiration, remember items of interest, save coupons, and budget.

Marketers who understand how to reach list makers will insert themselves top-of-mind in the earliest phase of the buyer’s journey and gain competitive advantage. When done correctly, digital shopping list marketing offers consumers helpful information and convenience, which can be drivers of long-term loyalty. With a Swiftly-powered app, brands and stores provide a platform for list-making, while tailoring content and promotions to the individual’s needs.

Offer Promotions Based on Quantity to Increase Cart Volume.

Field Agent’s survey of 2,500 shoppers found that 43% of shoppers include sizes and quantitieswhen making a grocery list. Offering promotions based on quantity is one way to make a list item more profitable. Bundling products is another way to encourage a list-maker to add a little bit more to the cart. For instance, a baking brand may share a pie recipe that includes graham crackers and pudding they also manufacture, along with a discount when all three items are purchased in a bundle. Swiftly makes it easy to send offers and inspiration to shoppers in-app as they’re shopping with their mobile devices.

Encourage Shoppers to Add More Items to Their Lists.

Shoppers often make lists to avoid going over-budget, but they’re only human and can’t resist a relevant, timely offer; only 8% of list-makers buy “only what’s on the list.” After all, it feels good to add one or two surprises to the cart! Retailers using a Swiftly-powered mobile app drive more frequent store visits and unplanned purchases by enabling convenience features like click-and-collect or mobile self-checkout. According to Business Insider, 50% of shoppers say they’ve chosen a store based on access to these convenient new technologies. Even before the pandemic, 70% of US consumers were buying online and picking up in-store. A resounding 85% of click-and-collect shoppers make impulse buysbeyond the list.

Integrate Lists with Coupon Clipping and Mapping Tools.

One-third of shoppers include specific brands on their shopping lists. However, most customers indicate that “coupons” are the best way to get them to consider using a different product. Many shoppers build lists around products that are on-sale, advertised in the circular, or linked to special offers. A report from Gannett found that more than a third of shoppers search for couponson their smartphones while shopping in-store. Pioneers like Target have long highlighted which specific items on app users’ shopping lists were on-sale and where to find these items in-store using a map feature. Apps powered by Swiftly incorporate all the modern features retailers need to leave list-makers satisfied that they’ve had an efficient, affordable shopping trip.

Use Lists To Explore Consumer Behavior and Market Smarter.

Consumers love personalized shopping experiences. Seeing what’s on people’s lists offers insight into trending product categories, consumer preferences, and basket size. Retailers who adjust inventory based on what shoppers are likely to need soon will not worry about bare shelves. They can create displays containing items frequently purchased together for greater convenience. Companies may evaluate how often their name is appearing on shopping lists compared to competing brands. Shopping list data yields clues as to how trends and habits are taking shape, enabling retailers and brands to stay one step ahead. Swiftly-powered apps provide partners with robust, closed loop analytical reports to break down shopping list statistics, as well as data on what was actually purchased.

Harness the Power of Digital Shopping List Marketing with Swiftly.

Shopping lists are the ultimate organization tool for customers, and the ultimate marketing vehicle for savvy marketers. These days, 96% of CPG marketers believe getting onto a consumer’s digital grocery list is “critical to brand success.” Retailers can contact Swiftly to learn how to leverage shopping list marketing by developing a customized app, while brand partners can harness Swiftly’s retail media network to reach list-makers across stores.