Retail ads are quickly becoming a more important and effective tool for retailers to drive sales. According to Insider Intelligence, native advertising ad spend in the U.S. totaled $47 billion dollars and comprised over 63% of all digital ad spends in 2020. That spend is only increasing, in part, due to the pandemic-fueled increase in online shopping. But it’s not enough to simply throw money at a couple of third-party agencies and hope the ad experience you stitch together results in fuller baskets at checkout time.

As shoppers spend more time on their mobile devices and are heading back into retail stores, they expect more from their native ad experiences. They expect an ad experience that’s seamless and relevant, rather than intrusive. Shoppers expect an intelligent, engaging ad experience that presents them with content relevant to their shopping behavior at the most opportune times. A truly native, integrated, and centralized advertising experience across a single digital platform is a difficult thing to pull off—unless you have Swiftly in your corner. By tapping Swiftly to create or improve your retail app and your greater digital retail media network, your resulting native ad experience can become a seamless, intuitive, and welcome addition to every customer’s shopping journey driving significant revenue in the process. Here’s how Swiftly confronts—and solves for—the most common problems of native advertising in a retail media network, creating an experience that converts:

  1. The retail advertising experience needs to make sense. Shoppers don’t appreciate being bombarded with ads for brands or products they don’t want or have no use for. Plus, how many times have you purchased an item online only to be presented with ads for the product you just purchased two seconds ago? If you just bought coffee, why would you want an advertiser to show you ads for the coffee you just bought? Why not show you ads for creamer, coffee filters, or sugar, reminding the consumer of complementary items they might have forgotten to add to their list. The ad experience needs to be centered around the customer—and that’s what a robust digital retail media network enables. With Swiftly, you can be certain that customers using your app or digital platform will only be shown items compatible with their shopping behaviors and real-time needs—all made possible by powerful data analytics and AI capabilities.
  1. The retail advertising experience is a two-way street. A seamless native ad experience doesn’t just treat the consumer as a passive audience, but actively communicates with the customer at every touchpoint in the shopping process. Through your app or digital platform, your native ad experience can engage in a perpetual dialogue with your customers no matter where they are—whether they’re browsing on a mobile app or wheeling a cart down the grocery store aisle. The customer communicates with your digital platform by inserting their shopping list into the app, scanning items at checkout, and clicking ads or using digital coupons provided by the app. Your digital app reciprocates that dialogue by collecting and analyzing the shopper’s data, logging their behavior, and showing them ads for items in a way that makes the ad presentation feel like a convenient reminder to pick up a needed item, rather than an annoyance or intrusion. Swiftly enables your digital platform to create interactive and personalized ad experiences for each individual shopper. Does it work? The proof is in the basket. Retailers using Swiftly tend to see a 40% increase in trips to the store and a 10% increase in sales at checkout.
  1. The retail advertising experience needs to keep customers engaged. As shopping apps and retailers’ digital platforms become more sophisticated, customers expect more from the digital shopping experience. They want to be engaged by the content a native ad experience serves them. That means presenting shoppers with a mix of different kinds of media, from ads to coupons and videos to interactive features. However, this means presenting the content seamlessly and unobtrusively. We all know how disruptive, not to mention annoying, it can be when a buggy ad causes an app to shut down or an auto-play video ad buried deep on the page starts blaring. A well-crafted native ad experience makes sure that the continuous loop between the retailer and the consumer remains closed, without prompting the customer to flee to another app or platform that’s more user-friendly. Swiftly creates digital shopping experiences that are sleek, easy to use, and empower retailers to meet shoppers’ expectations—in both digital and in-store spaces.

Creating a truly effective retail advertising experience can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. A solution like Swiftly takes the guesswork out of creating a truly interactive experience, communicating with the shopper during every leg of their journey and creating a highly personalized customer dialogue. Curious to learn more about how Swiftly can build a truly holistic experience for your retail customers? Get in touch to find out.