As a brick-and-mortar retailer trying to stay competitive in the current landscape, you’ve likely realized you need to upgrade your digital presence. You've probably also come to the conclusion that you should take advantage of everything a retail media network has to offer—including the brand-new revenue stream that digital advertising sales provide. In an age of slim margins and disrupted foot traffic, this is an objectively great—and forward-thinking—decision. But where do you go from here?

Perhaps your store already has an app, but it’s in desperate need of an overhaul. Or maybe you don’t even have an app and don’t know where to start. Maybe you have a web presence, but no idea how to monetize it. You’re painfully aware that you need to do something, but you’re not sure where to start.

Weighing your retail media options

You could build your own retail media network, but that’s an expensive and time-consuming endeavor unto itself. Let’s assume you don’t have access to the immense capital this kind of project requires, not to mention the years of development and the army of engineers required to bring it to life. You could also cobble together

bolt-on solutions from third-party providers. Maybe slap a banner ad onto your site and throw a few coupons on your app while you’re at it. But without access to first-party data, you’ll have no idea whether any of these solutions are actually driving sales.

What you need is a solution that combines a robust digital platform and an effective retail media network to connect and monetize the online and in-store shopping experience. Fortunately, that solution already exists: Swiftly. Let’s take a look at the different scenarios Swiftly can tackle:

You already have an app. Great, you have an opportunity to make it better. Chances are, your app isn’t engaging the customer during every touchpoint in their shopping journey. We’d wager that it’s also not providing them with an ad experience tailored to their needs. It’s also probably not driving digital loyalty by presenting customers with personalized coupons, offers, and other alerts relevant to the shopper’s need at the most opportune point in their shopping experience. With Swiftly’s first-party data and analytics, your app can do just that. Retailers using Swiftly tend to see a 40% increase in basket size at checkout. Data-driven analytics and customer behavior pattern recognition are a great way to increase the volume of products purchased—and make their in-store journey as engaging and seamless as possible.

You don’t have an app. That’s OK. Swiftly can create one for you. Customers are becoming more and more digital and increasing the time they spend on mobile devices. However, that doesn’t mean that their shopping experience is limited to online purchases. The bulk of shopping still takes place in-store. With that in mind, Swiftly can build you an app that creates a closed loop of customer engagement that begins when the shopper is scrolling through their phone at home (or anywhere else) and continues through their journey through the store aisles and beyond the checkout counter.

Swiftly can outfit your app with other features to improve the shopping experience. For example, 70% of shoppers make lists before heading out to the store. With an app produced by Swiftly, your shoppers can make their lists right on your platform, giving you ownership of their list. Similarly, you can empower your shoppers to bypass a checkout kiosk entirely by allowing them to purchase their items via the app. Swiftly can outfit your platform with our Cart Calculator and SwiftLane Checkout features for a quick, convenient, and contact-free checkout.

You’d like to monetize your web presence. Great, we can help. There’s no reason to let Amazon and other ecommerce giants walk away with the lion’s share of the $22 billion CPG brands are expected to spend on digital ad buys in 2021. Swiftly can create an intelligent native ad experience for your web presence, complete with AI-powered analytics and data reporting that allows your advertisers to see the exact ROI they receive on their spend. By providing targeted ads to each shopper and delivering you the tools to measure the returns, brands will be incentivized to continue, and even increase, their spend down the line.

Upgrading your digital presence and coordinating it with a seamless and sophisticated retail media network is necessary to remain competitive today and into the future. Would you like to learn more about how Swiftly can improve your existing digital platform, or create one for you? Get in touch today.