Swiftly Systems, a leader in retail media networks and Juniper Networks a leader in secure, AI-driven networks have announced a new partnership to bring brick-and-mortar retailers a complete solution to advance and connect brick-and-mortar retail digital capabilities powered by both companies’ technologies.

This combined solution will enable retailers to make personal, relevant and valuable connections with shoppers by leveraging Juniper Mist AI’s location technology and Swiftly’s retail media platform. Swiftly’s platform enables retailers to generate instant revenue growth from digital advertising dollars, brands to increase sales with relevant messaging online and in-app and customers to receive a best-in-class personalized shopping experience in-store.

Juniper’s Mist AI also works with Swiftly’s closed-loop reporting, an analytics feature based on actual SKU-level transactions to provide accurate, actionable insights, giving retailers unparalleled visibility into how digital efforts drive in-store sales.

“This is the joint solution that we’ve been looking for to enable retailers to extract more value from their investment in our network and location technology. Juniper Mist is the only solution to deliver fully integrated location accuracy in high-performing wireless access points, enabling easy deployment and reduced operation costs. Swiftly takes Juniper’s Mist solution to the next level with an out-of-the-box product experience that delivers immediate business results with data and tech to the retailer so they can capitalize on high-margin, retail media revenue streams,” says Jeff Aaron, VP Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks.

“The complementary solutions will now allow retailers to provide consumers with offers not just relevant to them but also specifically to where the shopper is located in the store. This brings a first-of-its-kind, affordable and easy to deploy solution that will improve the customer experience, increase sales and create long-term loyalty,” says Sean Turner, Chief Technology Officer, Swiftly.

Through this partnership, brick-and-mortar retailers can now drive immediate revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction connecting digital to in-store with best-in-class technology from Swiftly and Juniper.

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