It’s that time of year again—when long hours are spent in the kitchen with friends and family, meals transform into memories, and the shopping experience can be both chaotic and thrilling. With this $789 billion market, the holiday season has historically been a chance for retailers to jump on seasonal shopping trends that drive sales and amplify the festive spirit in the air.

With COVID-19 on the decline, people are feeling increasingly comfortable shopping in-person. According to a new survey from Shopnick, 43% of people are planning to buy their holiday items in physical stores, which is a 9% increase from last year.

However, as personalization and convenience become increasingly expected by shoppers, brick and mortar stores must digitize the in-store experience in order to stand out against the competition. With a Swiftly-powered app, stores can use first-party data to get to know their customers this holiday season and offer them an optimized shopping experience.

A Sweet Sigh of Relief

If you have small children, chances are you have heard the heartening news that the CDC has approved trick-or-treating for Halloween 2021. Since many families missed out on this tradition last year, those who feel comfortable will be sure to make the most out of their candy-exchanging experience this year. According to the NRF, 66% of consumers are planning to hand out candy this Halloween, meaning that stores should be prepared to have a healthy stock of their customer’s favorite sweets.

A Swiftly powered app uses first-party data to learn what candy your customers are planning to fill their baskets and bags with this year.

Turkey Troubles

Although this holiday season looks more promising than the last, the ripple effects of COVID-19 continue to persist. According to a recent survey by Butterball, about a third of families are planning to have smaller gatherings this year due to concerns related to the pandemic. If last year’s Thanksgiving taught us anything, this means that smaller-sized frozen turkeys are in high demand, and there is a risk of stores running out.

Additionally, due to the labor shortage that has affected almost every industry, meat suppliers and distributors have been warning that there could be a shortage of fresh turkeys as well.

With Swiftly, you can use push notifications to remind your customers to get in their turkey orders ASAP so they don’t miss out.

Embracing Inclusivity

Customers of different faiths and cultures truly appreciate seeing their food included in the holiday cheer.

A common mistake that grocery stores tend to make is advertising matzoh and grape juice for Hannukah. Although an innocent error, it is important for stores to be aware of the correct foods in order to be inclusive. Unlike the unleavened bread that characterizes Passover, Hanukkah foods include jelly-filled, fried donuts (sufganiyot), chocolate coins (gelt), and fried potato latkes accompanied with sour cream and applesauce.

Another under-represented holiday in most brick and mortar stores is Kwanzaa, consisting of foods such as black-eyed peas, collard greens, jerk chicken, and sweet potato pie.

With Swiftly's first-party data, you can learn which holidays your customers are celebrating and offer coupons for the items they plan to buy.

Easing the Holiday Stress

With stores closing early and families traveling during Christmas and Thanksgiving, many customers are in a rush to shop for their holiday goods. A Swiftly-powered app offers in-store navigation and self-checkout, so shoppers can efficiently find their products and avoid long lines—leaving more time for celebrations.

It’s safe to assume that for many people, the excitement of holiday shopping can only be achieved in-person. Whether customers are looking for a specific type of candy, a small-sized turkey, or traditional Hanukkah treats, getting to know your customers during the holiday season has never been easier.

To start offering a personalized and convenient shopping experience that drives sales and builds brand loyalty, contact Swiftly today.