These days, we do everything on our phones. Retail shopping is no exception.

As much as we’d love to forget quarantine ever happened, it did. For many of us, this meant months of ordering pastas and vegetables from our phones to avoid daunting trips to the store, and countless days of waking up to bags and boxes on our front porches. But while those days are (mostly) gone, in-app shopping most definitely isn’t—even from inside the store.

In fact, a 2020 Inmar Intelligence studyfound that a whopping 68% of shoppers use a retailer’s mobile app while in-store shopping, and a survey by Code Brew found that 78% of people prefer shopping via apps versus mobile websites. So yes, though 90% of shopping today is completed in-store, customers still rely on the digital sidekick in their pocket throughout the experience.

When it comes to the rise of mobile, there’s no end in sight. In 2020 alone, time spent on mobile devices increased by 14%, up to three hours and six minutes per person, per day. With the number of app users only predicted to grow, there’s an opportunity for the Amazons and Walmarts of the industry to continue to control the market—unless brick and mortar retailers catch up. Long story short? It’s time for you to use mobile-friendly digital retail media to give customers the experience they’re craving, before you fall too far behind.

Let’s take a look at how a Swiftly-powered mobile app can help you improve your customers’ shopping experiences—and increase your sales:

Speed up the process. We’ve all been to the grocery store. We’ve wandered aisles searching for our favorite cereals or brands of tomato sauce, and we’ve all read the covers of People magazine while waiting in long check-out lines. But grocery shopping is an errand that customers often fit in between work or school or taking care of children, and most want to be in-and-out as fast as possible.

This is where Swiftly comes in. 71% of shoppers use a store’s mobile app to locate desired items, and Swiftly can help you create an in-store road map that enables customers to beeline to the exact products they need. What’s more, 69% of shoppers would use a retailer’s mobile app to self-scan products and checkout. Swiftly can deliver on that, too; we can equip your platform with our Cart Calculator and SwiftLane Checkout, letting your customers pay from the app and bypass the lines altogether. Shoppers knowing that they’ll be able to find what they need and check out quickly—with enough time left to drive their kids to swim practice—will keep them coming back for more.

Personalize the shopping experience. In an increasingly competitive industry, tailoring the shopping experience to the customer can give brick and mortar retailers an edge over their big-name competitors. The strategy is clear: what shopper doesn’t like to know when their favorite ice cream flavor is on sale?

Swiftly can help your store foster a relationship with every consumer. By presenting shoppers with personalized coupons, offers, and other alerts when they need them most, you’ll make their needs feel seen and heard, and build a sturdy path toward brand loyalty.

Help customers maximize deals. Let’s be honest: how many of today’s consumers cut coupons from magazines and tow them to the store? How many people even read magazines anymore? We’re willing to bet that these paper couponers are few and far between, which is why customers appreciate consolidated, digitized sales and coupons. Today, 78% of shoppers are interested in mobile apps that feature deals and promotions, alerting them when the BOGO sale ends and letting them easily scan coupons at checkout. With Swiftly, you can provide consumers with customized promos straight from your store’s app, delivering killer deals on their most beloved products—and they won’t have to lift a finger.

Simplify checkout. With systems like Apple Pay, it’s becoming increasingly common to purchase items digitally instead of with a card or cash (okay, cash was out years ago). With a Swiftly-powered app, customers can pay directly from your platform, making checkout quick and seamless.

Help shoppers stay organized. There are few things worse than getting home from the store and realizing you forgot the milk or the eggs, which is why 70% of shoppers make lists before heading out. With a Swiftly-powered app, shoppers can draw up their lists right on your platform, giving you an exclusive glimpse into what they’re buying when they step into your store. Not only will you get a bit of credit for helping shoppers stay organized, but their lists will help you personalize their experiences with promotions and alerts, furthering their sense of brand loyalty.

Increase brand visibility. How many times a day do you see pop-up ads for Amazon products while you’re scrolling through your phone? A lot, right? That’s their trick: even when you’re not on Amazon, you’re still somehow on Amazon.

But Amazon isn’t the only one who can play that game. When customers have your app downloaded on their phone, they’ll see your logo every time they go to check their email or post on Instagram—keeping your brand top-of-mind. And while enabling push notifications for new products and promotions helps, all it takes is a tap into the iPhone home screen for your store to get some extra exposure.

With Swiftly, you can create a sophisticated app that fulfills all of your consumers’ mobile needs—a necessary step in cultivating a digital relationship, brand loyalty and remaining competitive in today’s (and tomorrow’s) market. If you’re interested in working with Swiftly to build a sales-driving digital platform, contact us today.