We live in a world that’s increasingly fast-paced and digitized. In a matter of seconds, shoppers can select the top-rated items in their favorite online store, add them to a cart, and check out. And after several waves of a worldwide pandemic that forced physical stores to shut their doors, we all rely heavily on digital platforms to make necessary purchases without leaving the comfort and safety of our homes.

In June 2020, global retail ecommerce traffic reached 22 billion monthly visits. And with a projected surge of 16.8% this year, ecommerce sales will continue to grow to a projected $4.921 trillion.

The numbers say it all: ecommerce is thriving, and it’s here to stay.

So when retailers and brands reflect on the future of the digital shopping experience, it’s imperative for them to think about the needs of their consumers and adapt online platforms accordingly.

Digital moments allow for high engagement, which translates into revenue. When consumers are on their shopping journey, retailers and brands have several opportunities to make a lasting impact and achieve various business goals. And when customers consistently purchase from their favorite businesses, everyone wins.

So what are these digital moments, and what makes them impactful?

Fulfilling Needs

Retailers know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Unique customers have unique needs: Millennials shopping for affordable furniture and kitchenware have drastically different needs than new parents in search of the best cribs and baby formula. And while it may be a challenge for retailers to cater to such a diverse group of buyers, all in different life stages or from different backgrounds, it’s a necessary feat.

Customers remember when companies meet their needs. Whether it’s a major discount on an item they buy a lot or a prod in the direction of something else they might like, shoppers appreciate when retailers put the effort in to personalize the online experience. A Swiftly-powered app can tailor suggestions to individual shoppers based on their past purchases and point out when these items are discounted.

Prioritizing Customer Experience

It should go without saying that customer experience plays into every interaction—big or small—between buyer and business. When it comes to online shopping, many factors can make for a memorable digital journey. For instance, is the interface of your online store user-friendly? Can customers browse items on different devices or have an omnichannel shopping experience? Can an online shopping experience be customized to suit specific shopper needs?

People are incredibly relationship and connection driven. If they feel that a business that knows them, and makes shopping as easy as possible for them, they’ll be more willing to dip into their wallet. With a Swiftly-powered app, you can prioritize the customer experience by using AI to personalize ads, alerts, and promotions.

Building Loyalty

If businesses want repeated purchases and store regulars, they need to identify ways to build loyalty. The goal here is customer retention—although conversions are important, too—and the action steps are simple.

What is it about a business or its products that has shoppers coming back for more? Like a young student who writes in cursive for a gold star or a corporate employee who drives sales for a holiday bonus, we’re all intrinsically motivated by incentives. The same concept can be applied to a store’s relationships with its shoppers. If they are rewarded in small increments with every purchase, and promised more rewards after future purchases, they will undoubtedly be more likely to stick around.

AI can be helpful to businesses hoping to take their customer relationships a step further. While AI technology may feel like a daunting entity to weave into ecommerce strategy, it can help foster meaningful connections between retailers and shoppers. A Swiftly-powered AI app, for instance, uses closed-loop reporting and analytic insights to equip businesses to make confident, data-driven decisions in generating rewards for loyal customers.

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