Holiday shopping is forecasted to increase substantially over 2020, though shoppers will be looking for deals earlier this year. They’ll also be turning to technology to simplify their shopping experiences, save money, and find the perfect gifts.

Customers are eager to resume the 2021 holiday season as they have in years past, COVID-19 or not. Discretionary spending on electronics, jewelry, and clothing has been steadily increasing—and Halloween decorations are selling out early, according to NBC.

Pocketbooks will be larger this year, as the economy reopens and Americans return to work. Bain forecasts indicate a 7% rise over 2020 in holiday sales this November and December, bringing the total to $800 billion.

Like last year, over one-third of shoppers are preparing gift lists and making first purchases as early as Labor Day, so retailers will need to develop their holiday season strategy well in advance of Black Friday.

It’s not too late for brands and stores to ramp up their marketing campaigns and win greater market share using the latest technology from Swiftly.

Customize Your Own App

Mobile apps offer the ultimate convenience, even if a shopper is standing in a store. Immediate access to in-depth product details, side-by-side product comparisons, reviews, video demos, and price checks will continue to inspire buyer confidence this year. Offering an app experience is particularly crucial during the holidays, as people are buying more items than usual—and looking for ways to save time or shop smarter.

With Swiftly’s in-store mobile platform, clients create a customized experience, bridging the gap between online and offline holiday shopping with optional features like store mapping, personalized advertising, reward program integration, and mobile checkout. The end result is a significant increase in engagement. Swiftly customers spend 1.5 times more money and visit their favorite stores with greater frequency.

Use Push Notification Offers To Reward Loyalty

Increasingly, holiday shoppers want to conduct business with companies that truly understand their needs and wants. A push notification — timed just right, with a relevant message — can make you shoppers feel understood and valued. With Swiftly, you can easily schedule push notifications based on real-world insights.

During the holidays, push notifications can be used to build excitement about an upcoming product release, feature sales and other special offers, issue new product alerts, reward loyal customers for qualifying purchases, run contest giveaways, encourage last-minute shoppers, retarget shoppers who left without making a purchase, or give personalized discounts based on shopping history. The ideal holiday push notification is short and sweet with 10 words or less, and uses images or video to capture 10% more attention.

Personalize Offers to Help Shoppers Plan Their Trips & Increase Savings

Google research has found nearly 80% of shoppers will research an item on a smartphone before heading to brick-and-mortar stores to make a purchase. Retailers and brands can’t miss out on this opportunity to position themselves front and center with a personalized omnichannel experience.

Shoppers can build and save holiday gift lists right in a Swiftly-powered app. This convenience helps drive decision-making on where to shop and build loyalty. Furthermore, Swiftly tracks real retail purchases, rather than online viewing history, which offers a more accurate glimpse into consumer preferences, needs, and behaviors.

Retailers can determine which marketing persona a person belongs to — and time their marketing messages based on shopping frequency. Stores can also integrate their existing loyalty program rewards into the platform as well, making shoppers feel like they received a great deal — all the more reason to return.

Brand partners on the Swiftly platform receive the opportunity to leverage targeted content, look-books, sponsored searches, custom product recommendations, and dynamic ad placements to influence holiday purchases. When shoppers scan sale items, the discounts are automatically applied, so there is no need to “clip coupons.” Swiftly has found that brands with customized marketing offers can boost in-store engagement 30 to 50%.

Invite Customers to Ship-to-Home from the App When Inventory is Out of Stock

By now, everyone knows about e-commerce giant Amazon’s legendary “Subscribe & Save” program used by 14 million shoppers. Auto-ship is handy for frequent and regular orders, but retailers can follow a similar principle in assuring customers who may be disappointed by supplier delays and out-of-stock shelves.

Allowing direct shipping through the Swiftly platform can prevent lost sales and bolster good will with fast, free delivery to their doorsteps. The ship-to-home process can be completed seamlessly on the shopper’s end with the click of a button, without disrupting the current in-store order.

Enable Cashierless Checkout for Expediency and Convenience

Fast, easy mobile checkout is one of the biggest disruptors coming to retail holiday shopping. Systems like Apple Pay have made it easier to buy items digitally, rather than waiting in long checkout lines and using cash or credit. With Swiftly’s Swiftlane feature, customers scan items as they go through the store and pay directly through the platform. At the doors, a “gatekeeper” snaps a photo of the shopper’s bag to confirm the purchase and ensure there are no extra items.

Swiftly has found that shoppers love the mobile self-checkout feature and visit a store offering it 40% more frequently. Just as Starbucks has seen high-single-digit growth in lifetime customer value after digitizing their customer experience, so will retailers experience similar profitability by adopting a truly frictionless payment solution.

With Swiftly, it’s easy to provide shoppers with a personalized, frictionless experience that understands their shopping needs and puts them in the holiday spirit — while increasing your sales. To get started, contact Swiftly today.