Retailers win when they focus on app components that customers both expect and want most. Enhancement of accessibility, inspiration, and convenience are all reasons to update a mobile app and streamline the shopping experience before the holiday season rush.

Mobile shopping app use has grown 30% in 2021, with no sign of slowing down. Consumers are expected to spend over 900 million hours in mobile shopping apps this holiday season, making it the perfect time to roll out new upgrades to an existing retail app. With 82% of shoppers using retail apps while in-store, working with Swiftly ensures all crucial components are built into the platform for a tailored and convenient customer experience.

Free access

Less than half of smartphone users have unlimited data plans. There are also situations—like commuting to and from work on the subway—where it would be nice to have access to a shopping app, but it’s not possible to snag a strong internet connection. With the rise of curbside pickup, providing shoppers with anywhere, anytime access to full app functionality is more important than ever. Retailers can improve access to their apps by enabling Swiftly’s proprietary technology that works anytime, anywhere.

Fresh, visual content

According to Nielsen, product research prior to purchase is the most common activity on mobile shopping apps, with 62% of shoppers wishing to see pictures and 44% wishing to read detailed product descriptions. Many customers seek inspiration and engaging content from their digital window shopping experience. A Swiftly-powered app provides shoppers with access to a fresh stream of national brand campaigns, featuring videos, lookbooks, and relevant offers that drive higher engagement.

Flexible purchase options

Nearly three-quarters of shoppers want self-service technology that allows them the ability to scan items on a mobile device and bypass long checkout lines. Shoppers also want the ability to click-and-collect by ordering online and picking up curbside. Whether a thought is top-of-mind or they’re unable to find what they need down the aisles, they want to schedule a one-time or subscription delivery to their doorstep using dropship capabilities. Shoppers receive added value from apps that connect them to “endless aisle” inventory in other stores and warehouses. Swiftly-powered retail apps can incorporate some or all of these coveted features.

Frugal features

Most shoppers (60%) use ecommerce apps to access exclusive deals. Retailers might consider adding features that cost-conscious consumers love, such as shopping lists and cart calculators that show discounts applied in real-time. Coupons, sales, cross-sell offers, and digital circulars not only satisfy a shopper’s desire to “get a good deal,” but also personalize the shopping experience to drive loyalty. Swiftly mobile apps integrate with existing loyalty programs and retail media networks, as well as helpful list-making, mapping, and calculator tools. Retailers receive a wealth of closed loop data on app user purchasing behavior to inform what custom offers they show in the future.

Mobile shopping app users aren’t necessarily looking for fancy features like augmented reality or interactive live chat this holiday season, but they do expect a seamless, accessible platform that lets them discover personalized inspiration for their list-making and flexible purchase options for buying when and how they choose. Swiftly helps retailers update and augment their mobile shopping experience with proven components that consumers want. Contact Swiftly to get started.