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We create the tools retailers need to compete, and win in the market. We equip you with the next-level technology you need to stay at the forefront of digital marketing trends and help you increase your bottom line, retain customers, and build loyalty.

Our Story

The Swiftly® digital ecosystem empowers retailers to grow sales and build loyalty, while enabling brands to reach more shoppers through retail media networks. Swiftly’s technology harnesses the power of AI to help retailers build strong digital relationships with customers and deliver amazing sales results. Swiftly-powered Retail Media Networks enable America's leading brands to influence consumers across their shopping journey and provide the closed loop reporting that drives high-performing advertising campaigns. Learn more about Swiftly, our Retailer and Brand solutions, and how we are redefining Retail Media today.

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We're Building Better Retail Through Technology.
How Do We Do It?

An icon of a hand holding a bag representing the Swiftly retail tools that connect customers and the shopping experience.
Retail Tools
We offer the only system to seamlessly connect with retail customers across the shopping experience.
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An icon of a mobile device with a wrench representing the Swiftly mobile platform technology.
Mobile Platform
We build mobile solutions that use a technology-first approach to target both in-store and e-commerce purchases.
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A Coupon with a percent sign icon representing how Swiftly uses insights and data to better your retail media revenue.
Retail Media
We use insights and 1st-party data to get you your fair share of the $100B margin-rich retail media revenue market.
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A data analytics and insights icon representing how Swiftly uses customer behavior to better understand spending habits.
Analytics & Insight
We use insights to provide a deep understanding of individual customer behavior, spending habits and lifetime value.
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