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Our Story

Swiftly is a leading retail tech and media company. Swiftly’s platform technology enables retailers and brands of all sizes to seamlessly connect with their customers through personalized shopping experiences, loyalty programs, retail media and e-commerce... all in one place.


Since 2017, our mobile, web and data solutions have removed barriers to digital engagement, providing enterprise-quality tools for all. In the process, we’ve built a vast retail media network across thousands of grocery and convenience stores and millions of shoppers... with the most comprehensive first-party closed-loop reporting capabilities in the market.


At Swiftly, we are building the largest digital real estate marketplace for retailers and brands. We aren’t adapting to a changing landscape. We are catalyzing it.

Our Recent Awards Include:

2023 Best Places to work builtin
Swiftly Big Innovation Award 2024
Swiftly MarTech Breakthrough Award 2022