Optimize Your

Retail Media Spend

Our "one-stop-shop" approach to technology offers media distribution across the Swiftly Media Network, along with design, campaign management and closed-loop reporting services.

A Single Touchpoint for All Your Retail Media Needs

We build customized, branded mobile apps and websites for retailers, giving you everything you need to access a network at scale.

swiftly omnichannel retail media campaign
Retailer Transaction Logs + Customer Identifying Data =

Hyper-Personalized Content

All the tools and data you need

Built In

Our closed-loop measurement capabilities let you connect your campaign to real-world results, leveraging the data between online ads and in-store sales to help you understand your customers like never before.

Closed-Loop Reporting

Access transparent campaign results with closed-loop measurement and reporting with the Swiftly Analytics Platform.

Category Share

Understand how your advertised brands and products perform versus the competition.

Basket Analysis

Gain insight into the complementary products shoppers select to round out their baskets.

Consumer Insights

Understand how many new buyers purchased a brand compared to repeat purchasers.