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Welcome to Swiftly, an innovative technology platform that delivers turn-key solutions to retailers globally. By offering the same tools that retail and e-commerce giants already deploy, we give you everything you need to compete in the market … and win.

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 Smarter Tools. Better Results.

By choosing tools built for the retail industry’s future, our partners have seen millions of dollars in retail media revenue as well as: 

A blue house icon showing a 40 percent increase in store trips when using Swiftly retail media products.
40% increase
in store trips
A green price tag icon with a percentage sign showing 1B plus coupons clipped by shoppers as result of using Swiftly.
1B+ coupons
clipped by shoppers
A yellow circular arrow icon with a dollar sign showing 49 percent more transaction by users when using Swiftly products.
49% more
transactions by users
A blue shopping bag icon that represents 45 percent increase in shopper basket size when using the Swiftly platform.
45% increase
in shopper basket size 
A yellow graph icon with an arrow pointing up showing a 51 percent increase in annual spend when using Swiftly.
51% higher 
annual spend
A green bag icon showing a 10 percent increase in same-store sales when using the Swiftly platform.
10% increase
in same-store sales

We're Building Better Retail Through Technology.
How Do We Do It?

An icon of a hand holding a bag representing the Swiftly retail tools that connect customers and the shopping experience.
Retail Tools
We offer the only system to seamlessly connect with retail customers across the shopping experience.
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An icon of a mobile device with a wrench representing the Swiftly mobile platform technology.
Mobile Platform
We build mobile solutions that use a technology-first approach to target both in-store and e-commerce purchases.
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A Coupon with a percent sign icon representing how Swiftly uses insights and data to better your retail media revenue.
Retail Media
We use insights and 1st-party data to get you your share of the $100B margin-rich retail media revenue market.
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A data analytics and insights icon representing how Swiftly uses customer behavior to better understand spending habits.
Analytics & Insight
We use insights to provide a deep understanding of individual customer behavior, spending habits and lifetime value.
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Our Customers Are Talking.

“The Swiftly team is amazing to work with. Their deep retail experience and powerful shopper and advertising
technology combine to provide both an outstanding shopper experience and untapped retail media dollars."

Mary Kellmanson, Chief Digital Marketing Officer
of 99 Cents Only Stores

Our Mission = Your Success

At Swiftly, we’re on a mission to connect you with your customers by providing tools and technology that touch every aspect of their retail experience. The result: increased, personalized benefits for them, and an increased bottom line for you.

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A grocery store customer paying for her groceries at a store that is using the Swiftly platform technology.

We’ve created a modern, tech-forward digital infrastructure to help you compete in the market and retain your customers and revenue.

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