The Key To Customer Loyalty?
It's All in the Insights.

We offer the only analytics tool that provides an omnichannel view of your customers, giving you the data to influence their behavior in real time. When combined with our retail media network, these insights provide some of the most insightful campaign tracking available.

Amazing Customer Relationships Don't Happen By Accident.
You Need to Earn Their Trust. We Can Help.

A shield icon with a checkmark in it representing how Swiftly securely protects retailers and brand data.
We Protect
Retailer & Brand Data
Our platform includes security features that are built from the ground up.
A shopping basket icon representing how Swiftly gives shoppers control and freedom to securely shop and save.
We Give Shoppers
Control & Freedom
Our solutions contain the tools and security customers need to shop and save the way they want.
A smartphone representing how Swiftly creates mobile apps for retailers to deploy personalized shopping experience.
We Create Fully Compliant
Mobile Apps
 Our app gives retailers the tools to deploy a personalized shopping experience.

Target Your Customers Through Precisely Curated Personal Data.

We're proud to offer the only analytics platform that offers visibility across the entire customer journey, online and in-store. Compete with actual sales data and insights into individual behavior, we gather the stats to build deep, actionable customer insights. 

A tablet showing the Swiftly analytics and insight at work within a customer facing dashboard.

All the Tools and Insights You Need to Succeed.

A data analytics and insights icon representing how Swiftly uses customer behavior to better understand spending habits.
Our insights engine provides accurate, actionable insights unavailable anywhere else.
A 3-person icon representing how Swiftly provides first-party data to help build a deeper connection with your customers.
First-Party Data
Personalized data creates a singular view of the shopper, building a deeper connection.
A fountain pen icon representing how Swiftly insights can build and grow customer loyalty via their shopping experience.
Customized Experiences
Use insights to inspire customer loyalty through a personalized shopping experience.
A magnifying glass icon with a person centered in it representing how delivers content and advertising accurately.
Accurate Advertising
Deliver accurate and relevant content and advertising while respecting customer privacy.
An idea lightbulb icon representing how Swiftly eliminates third party apps that serve fragmented information.
Control Over Content
Say goodbye to 3rd-party apps that serve ads based on fragmented information. ​
A smartphone representing how Swiftly creates mobile apps for retailers to deploy personalized shopping experience.
Machine-Learning Technology
Using AI, we're able to capture real-time data and find the insights others miss.​

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