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a few of the Brands we work with:
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We partner with leading brands to bring your customers the best in quality and value. The result: increased brand loyalty for them ... and you.

Offer Cash Back on Beer, Wine and Spirits in Just a Few Clicks.

Our Alcohol Cashback Program lets shoppers browse available brand-funded offers on their favorite products, then activate, redeem and collect their savings within hours via PayPal or Venmo, all from your store’s retail app.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Current Product Catalog.

Our technology allows your shoppers to browse your product catalog by category and sub-category, while exploring featured products and merchandised collections that are customized just for them. ​​

Their Shopping List, In the Palm of Their Hand.

Add convenience to their retail experience with a shopping list that syncs up with your catalog, deals and featured products.

An idea lightbulb icon representing how Swiftly eliminates third party apps that serve fragmented information.

Smart Content from the World's Leading Brands.

Our cutting-edge retail media tools provide an integrated (and personalized) content flow that provides advertisers the opportunity to push ads to your customers while driving revenue to your bottom line.

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Delivery Options That Provide Transparency.

Take control of your brand, customer experience and value perception while still integrating with all the popular delivery services.

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Showcase Your Circulars & Deals

Keep your customers in-the-know with digital delivery of your best deals and most up-to-date promotions and offers.

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"Swiftly has elevated our ability to connect with [retail] shoppers through highly-targeted offers and personalized communication, allowing us to better meet the needs of our shoppers and drive incremental sales. In addition, the robust data and analytics enable us to evaluate and optimize plans to maximize our investment.”
Jayme Beck, Unilever’s Head of Marketing, Grocery & Emerging Channels

Want Subscriptions? It's All on the App. Give Your Customers the Options They Want, at Their Fingertips.

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