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Offer Brand-Funded
Cash Back on Alcohol

Boost Brand Loyalty: We help you connect with shoppers to offer a seamless experience that lets them search and select brand-funded Alcohol Cashback right in a retailer’s app. They can then access funds within hours—after a qualifying purchase—via PayPal or Venmo.

Get Data That Delivers: We offer closed-loop measurement and reporting that provides detailed analytics around category share, basket analysis, and buyer behaviors.

Enjoy Prime Real Estate: Brands will enjoy front-and-center placement within the retailer's app or website, shining a spotlight on the Cashback offers that keep customers coming back for more.

Drive Shoppers to Buy

At the Campaign Level: Connect your national campaigns with retail media designed to inspire shoppers to purchase.

At the Point of Purchase: Reach shoppers at the point of purchase when they are actively looking to buy.

Through Targeted Retail Media: Engage shoppers with retail media units that blend pricing, promotions and coupon strategies.

Own Your Category

By Growing Your Share: Elevate your brand voice and visibility on retailer apps that have already built trust with your target customers.

By Featuring Your Brand: Feature your products, promotions and offers above those of your competitors to engage shoppers first.

By Sharing Your Voice: Control your brand’s narrative by owning the conversation within the retailer’s app and website.

Create Results & Measure Success

A smartphone representing how Swiftly creates mobile apps for retailers to deploy personalized shopping experience.

Amplify Your Campaigns

Add another layer to your national and retail campaigns with multi-channel exposure across all touchpoints of the customer journey.

A hand with a credit card icon representing how the Swiftly retail media solution can measure performance through data.

Measure Performance

We help brands measure campaign performance and brand awareness through 1st-party data that shows customer interaction, interest and purchase.

A three person icon representing how the Swiftly retail media solution can build customer trust.

Build Customer Trust

Shoppers trust their retailers. Build on that trust with retail media that is deeply integrated with your retailers app, so you don't have worry about your brand's reputation and safety.

A monitor icon with a closed loop in it representing how Swiftly reporting enables retailers to maximize data results.

Close the Loop

We use machine-learning to get real-time results that give brands and retailers a deeper understanding of a campaign’s effectiveness, engagement and overall sales impact.

Insight-Driven Advertising That Delivers Results.

Using 1-st party data, we help you engage shoppers and build brand loyalty within retailer mobile apps based on their in-store and online behavior and spending habits.

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