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Want to get your fair share of the $100B margin-rich retail media revenue market? We use insights and 1st-party data to help you get the dollars you deserve.

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We provide the tools and data you need for a completely integrated retail media solution that targets both in-store and e-commerce purchases at the customer level.

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Closed-Loop Reporting
Our platform enables retailers and brands to work together to maximize engagement and results.
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Brands Your Shoppers Love
We deliver targeted content and offers from brands customers want, driving purchase and loyalty.
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Advanced AI Targeting
Our machine-learning technology finds real-time insights that customize the customer experience.
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Work with dedicated experts who manage the complete retail media lifecycle.
“Swiftly gives brick and mortar grocers the tools that will empower them to surpass Walmart and Amazon’s digital capabilities. Their solution allows traditional supermarkets to own the customer relationship even if the customer is outside of the store.”
Tad Dickson, Board Director of Dollar Tree

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