December 6, 2022
Retail Growth

3 Tips To Keep Loyal Customers Engaged During the Holidays

Sean Turner

Engagement can be tricky this time of year when every retailer puts on their holiday best. From Black Friday through Boxing Day, consumer spending increases—as do opportunities for retailers to build engagement and promote long-term loyalty. With the following three simple tips, you can set the stage for retail loyalty program growth, repeat business and a profitable holiday season.

Show Appreciation with Personalized Messages

Why: Personalization is at the top of every shopper’s wish list, particularly around the holiday season when email inboxes overflow with sales promotions. A recent survey shows nearly 50% of consumers tend to feel “overwhelmed” by retail marketing around the holidays, especially if the messages are poorly timed or not matched to their interests. In exchange for sharing their personal information (or first-party data), 75% of consumers wish retailers would take the time to better understand their preferences and shopping history to deliver a personalized experience.

How: It’s time to put all the first-party data you collect to good use:

  • Send custom “thank you” notes —using names and purchase details in your messages.
  • If a shopper abandons items in a shopping cart, send a kind reminder and a discount to encourage them to purchase.
  • Send out custom content (like a product tutorial) based on recent purchases.
  • Segment audiences to receive tailored advertisements, offers, and discounts.

Offer Surprise Loyalty Gifts or Rewards

Why: While shoppers focus their attention on gifts for family and friends this time of year, they still like being on the receiving end, too. In fact, 61% of consumers say surprise gifts and special offers are the most important way a brand can interact with them.

How: Give shoppers a warm, fuzzy feeling that inspires loyalty:

  • Give shoppers a taste of a more high-end product with a free sample.
  • Hand out holiday cheer—like small candy canes—at your register.
  • Use first party data to target specific customers with specific gifts and discounts.
  • Track retail loyalty program spending and increase the surprise gift value for big spenders.

Encourage Growth Through Referral Discounts

Why: Did you know that referral sharing is 3x higher on Black Friday? Not surprisingly, sales are 2x higher in the weeks following a Black Friday referral promotion. Like a family tradition, Black Friday referral deals provide a feel-good experience people can share together.

How: For a standout holiday referral offer, consider these best practices:

  • Promote early access to Black Friday sales for your VIP customers and their friends.
  • Double rewards for referrers to turn them into passionate brand ambassadors.
  • Invite shoppers to a referral challenge sweepstakes for a chance to win a grand prize.
  • Consider adding a charitable cause to your referral program for truly feel-good purchases.

Make Your Holiday Shopping Experience a Real Treat with Swiftly

Looking to add bells and whistles to your holiday marketing efforts with ease?

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  • Collect and use valuable first party data with Swiftly-powered analytics.

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