June 2, 2022
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How Mobile is Helping Shoppers Save During Inflation

Henry Kim

Shoppers increasingly rely on their smartphones to make purchases— here’s how an innovative grocery mobile app can help them save money as they navigate inflation.

Historically, shopping on a smartphone wasn’t always a customer’s first choice—due to small screen sizes, poor user interfaces, and spotty Wifi. But times are rapidly changing, and smartphone technology is becoming more advanced. People rely on their mobile devices to navigate their shopping journey, whether they’re browsing products in-store, comparing online prices, or searching for nearby brick-and-mortar locations to complete their purchase.

Given today’s current inflation challenges, shoppers are looking for opportunities to save money in any shape or form, sometimes even going out of their way to use coupons at traditionally expensive stores. Mobile shopping can provide many unique benefits during these trying times—and if retailers and brands want to drive increased traffic, loyalty, and revenue, they may want to implement mobile strategies that help deliver a meaningful shopping experience.

The Power of Retail Personalization

Prices are skyrocketing across the board, from retail and grocery to gas and living expenses. People are actively looking for ways to save, which forces consumers to change their spending habits. So, if retailers want to still connect with their customers effectively and meaningfully, that means they have to adapt to their shoppers’ current needs.

Retail personalization has the potential to establish trust and improve digital customer relationships. According to a Coresight Research and Sailthru study, 71% of consumers shop more often with brands and retailers that prioritize—and excel in—personalization. By creating tailored experiences that accommodate a shopper’s individual preferences, retailers can not only increase engagement, but also drive more conversions that lead to repeat purchases. But how exactly does this help shoppers save?

Let’s say a shopper opens their grocery mobile app while they’re physically in-store. They use the platform to browse and buy produce from their favorite brand. Then, the app sends over personalized coupons and promotions for that specific brand—so the next time they shop, they can get their groceries at a lesser price. In the midst of ongoing inflation, discounts can make a world of difference for everyone. By using a digital media platform that continuously centers the customer’s shopping journey, retailers can help alleviate some financial burden while incentivizing sales and maintaining long-term digital loyalty.

The Importance of a Mobile-First Approach

The future of shopping is in mobile. Now more than ever, it’s imperative for retailers to focus on this platform and target smartphone users who do their shopping in the palm of their hand. Here’s why:

This means that retailers have the opportunity to see incremental growth by investing in mobile retail strategies now—and integrating key features that deliver more value to shoppers. There are many ways to get started:

  • Connecting digital with in-store: Many shoppers depend on their mobile devices while they complete their shopping in person. A grocery mobile app can leverage this opportunity to create a more seamless connected experience by pushing digital coupons and delivering personalized discounts.
  • Creating loyalty programs that help customers save: Loyalty programs offer exclusive promotions, which help customers save money. This provides a rewarding incentive for them to continue buying more products in the future, as they know that their points will always go towards future purchases.
  • Offering cashierless checkout and shopping lists: Shoppers appreciate a seamless shopping journey. With digital shopping lists and cashierless checkouts, retailers can help elevate every step of the customer’s purchase, making browsing and checkout easier than ever.

Win against Inflation With a Digital Media Platform

Whether you want to upgrade an existing grocery mobile app or implement brand new mobile features to your strategy, the right retail media tools can help you set yourself apart from the competition—and win.

Inflation may continue to present new challenges to retailers, but Swiftly’s platform helps you to meet every shopper’s unique needs and make lasting digital connections that drive ongoing repeat purchases. If you want to help your customers save through personalized discounts and high-level reward programs, contact our Swiftly team to hear more about our offerings.