August 25, 2022
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The Future of Retail is Here—and It’s Omnichannel

Henry Kim

Gone are the days of separation between physical shopping experiences and online ones. Retailers are now entering the “phydigital” era, where the retail world is neither physical or digital, but entirely connected. And those who fail to recognize this risk becoming obsolete.

Here, we explore how an omnichannel approach is already reshaping the retail landscape as we know it—and what retailers should know about creating a connected customer journey.

Consumer Behaviors Have Evolved

Given that over 85% of US shoppers now own smartphones, it’s easier than ever to browse the web, engage with mobile apps, or make direct purchases through social media.

The pandemic only swung the pendulum further towards online e-commerce platforms, as sales grew by 43% in 2020, reaching $244.2 billion. But between rising fuel prices, inflation, and ongoing supply chain challenges, the pendulum has swung back the opposite way in recent months—with 90% of purchases still happening in-store.

Amid all these changes, “hybrid shoppers” were born. They want the best of both worlds—a streamlined online experience and convenient, efficient experience in-store—and will give their business to whoever delivers this experience seamlessly.

The Power of a Connected Retail Experience

For today’s consumers, shopping typically begins before they’ve left the house—on their smartphone. Target found 75% of its guests start their shopping trips on mobile devices, and 1 in 3 shoppers clicked on a mobile search ad before they ended up in the store.

Here’s How Retailers Can Embrace Omnichannel

Retail Tools

The value of technology can’t be overemphasized. Think: click-and-collect, in-store product scanning, and scan-and-go. By giving customers a faster, more personalized way to plan ahead, navigate stores in-person, and checkout more efficiently, retailers meet their needs and build loyalty in the process.

Personalized Retail Media

The omnichannel approach allows for more precise personalization, as it assesses the customer’s shopping behavior from multiple touchpoints. Retailers can provide each shopper with a unique experience from beginning to end, recommending relevant products, promotions, and discounts at the right time.

Retail Mobile App

A digital retail platform is the epicenter of the customer journey. It helps to drive purchase decisions, strengthen relationships, and deliver a connected experience. An intuitive app not only helps shoppers find savings and pricing at their local grocery stores, it engages them during the pre-purchasing phase.

Loyalty Program

For today’s shoppers, a robust loyalty program means rewards and promotions that save them money—and encourage them to make repeat purchases. It also means they can rely on the retailer to consistently deliver new promotions that speak to their unique needs. 

Data and Analytics

An effective analytics tool like Swiftly’s uses first-party data to create an omnichannel view of your customers’ shopping habits—empowering retailers to make strategic decisions that lead to increased loyalty, growth, and revenue.

Ready to Embrace the Future?

Making the shift to omnichannel begins with the right technology partner who can help you seamlessly connect on- and off-platform experiences. 

Contact Swiftly today to learn more about how to leverage retail media to deliver consumer savings, foster long-term loyalty, and drive revenue.