September 20, 2022
Retail Growth

Top 3 Innovative Solutions that Drive Business Growth

Sean Turner

E-commerce usage is at an all-time high, but brick-and-mortar retailers still have a strong advantage. While over 90% of shoppers still prefer the in-store shopping experience, the stakes have increased as customers have also grown accustomed to the benefits of retail personalization and efficiency.

Now more than ever, it’s important for retailers to lean into digital tools that foster meaningful connections, solidify loyalty, and drive greater business outcomes. One surefire way to meet today’s increasing customer expectations is to implement an effective mobile strategy, starting with a custom-built retail mobile application. 

Below are three solutions that can help transform your retail mobile application and position you ahead of the competition.

Personalized Coupons and Deals

With inflated prices, customers are constantly looking for ways to save. In the past, third party cookies often took fragments of user data and pushed irrelevant, often inaccurate ads. But by using first-party data, which collects user information directly from the source, retailers can create highly personalized coupons, promotions, and deals that their customers actually care about. 

Whether they prefer fresh vegan ingredients or organic grass-fed meats, their store app can offer exclusive discounts for their favorite brands while they’re in-store—and provide cost-efficient ways to enjoy their shopping experience.

Integrated Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs incentivize shoppers after every purchase by collecting points or tracking their progress—and providing even greater rewards. And, with the power of personalization, they can work towards products that fit their unique shopping preferences and habits. For retailers, integrating a loyalty program into their mobile app is an absolute must, especially considering the 20% increase in customer spending, growth in basket size, and long-lasting loyalty.

Alternative Delivery and Payment Options

In the digital age, convenience is king. Customers want seamless, frictionless shopping experiences that help them save time, energy, and money. With easy mobile options like curbside pickup and self-checkout, they no longer have to wait in long lines or search through endless aisles to complete their shopping list. Additionally, providing these alternatives can increase their likelihood of returning to their favorite physical store location—scoring a win for brick-and-mortar retailers who actively blend online and in-store shopping.

Power Your Mobile Strategy with Swiftly 

By implementing a robust retail mobile application into your growth strategy, you can connect with your customers through multiple touchpoints, both in-person and in-app. Own the customer shopping experience by delivering retail personalization, user privacy, and convenience—and set yourself apart. 

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