August 2, 2023
Ad Tech

Unleash the Power of Retail Media with Swiftly’s Web Ads SDK


In the rapidly evolving grocery industry, staying ahead of the competition and capitalizing on new revenue streams is essential for success. Retail media has emerged as a must-have for retailers of all sizes, promising significant returns for those who can leverage it effectively. With the launch of our new Web Ads SDK offering, Swiftly has created a plug-and-play solution that helps retailers stand up their own retail media network in a matter of days, giving them a competitive edge in this revenue-rich space.

The Power Is in the Numbers: Retail Media's Massive Growth

Numbers don't lie, and the retail media landscape is no exception. Retail media in the US is projected to reach an astounding $100B by 2026. Swiftly's Web Ads SDK opens doors for retailers to tap into this substantial revenue source, enabling them to establish a retail media network on par with retail giants.

Exploring the Benefits of Web Ads SDK

Those that are already in the retail media game know that the benefits are vast, and the opportunities are exciting. Designed to deliver, Web Ads SDK makes it easier than ever for retailers to own and operate their own network, opening their business—and their bottom line—up for measurable growth and success. Our partners enjoy:

1. Best-in-Class Retail Media Program: Swiftly's Web Ads SDK provides a best-in-class retail media program, enabling retailers to compete with even the largest players in the industry.

2. Access to 1000s of Partner Brands: Through Swiftly's vast network, retailers gain access to a diverse range of partner brands, fostering collaboration and expanding their reach.

3. Hyper-Accelerated Integration in Three Simple Steps: Implementing Web Ads SDK is a breeze with Swiftly's three-step integration process, making it hassle-free for grocers to get started.

4. Monetization of Owned-and-Operated Digital Properties: Swiftly's Web Ads SDK unlocks the potential to monetize digital assets effectively, creating additional revenue streams.

5. Boosted Revenue and Increased Customer Loyalty: By offering targeted, revenue-generating ads, retailers can increase their revenue while fostering customer loyalty.

6. A Competitive Edge: Embracing retail media with Web Ads SDK empowers retailers with a distinct competitive advantage in the retail media game.

Embrace Success: Launch Your Retail Media Network Today

With major players in the retail industry already gearing up for the holiday season, there's no better time to optimize your digital strategy. With Web Ads SDK you can set yourself up for holiday success with very little heavy lifting from your team. Designed to bring fast and measurable results, it’s the ideal solution for retailers who are ready to add a retail media program to their end-of-year marketing strategy.  

Swiftly's Web Ads SDK empowers you to embrace the future of retail media confidently. By offering a seamless plug-in solution, we’ve made it easy for retailers to create their own retail media network, capitalize on new revenue opportunities, and stand out in a fiercely competitive market.

Don't miss the chance to stand up your own retail media network with Swiftly's Web Ads SDK. Contact us today.