October 19, 2022
Ad Tech

How Grocers Can Avoid Obsoletion

Henry Kim

While many shoppers still prefer to shop in store, consumer behavior and purchasing habits have shifted: 57% of consumers increased their online grocery shopping over the last 12 months. Now more than ever, shoppers want the best of both worlds: an excellent store experience that extends to the digital world—seamlessly.

For this reason, today’s brick-and-mortar grocers find themselves at a crossroads: continue to rely on outdated business models and blind faith that shoppers will continue to shop in store or modernize their strategies and embrace digital transformation to meet shoppers where they are.

The bottom line? If grocers hope to secure long-term loyalty and drive repeat business, they need to leverage their own digital platform and mobile app to build loyal relationships with their shoppers online.

Consumer Expectations Continue to Evolve

By 2026, e-commerce is expected to make up 20% of the US grocery market. In other words: the clock is ticking for grocers who have yet to embrace the power of a connected retail experience.

If grocers want to stay relevant and meet their shoppers’ needs, they must move quickly to eliminate their digital deficit and tap into where they can profit most.

How? By knowing exactly what consumers want and when. Creating a connected shopping experience, in person and online, begins with digital transformation and innovation—and paves the way for long-term loyalty.

It’s Time to Embrace Innovation

Today’s most successful retailers understand that a robust grocery e-commerce platform, mobile app, and digital retail loyalty program are essential to getting ahead of the competition.

With a cohesive in-app/in-store ecosystem, you’re able to reach customers at every step of their shopping journey—at home on their mobile phone, in-store as they browse the aisles, all the way up until the moment they checkout.

With a Swiftly-powered app, building an innovative digital retail loyalty program within this ecosystem is simple—and translates to unique rewards and promotions that save shoppers money and help find more of the products they love.

Are You Ready to Evolve?

Embracing a grocery e-commerce platform is your secret weapon in an ever-transforming retail landscape. Contact Swiftly to get started now.