October 21, 2022
Retail Growth

How Successful Grocers Stay Ahead in an Evolving Retail Landscape

Sean Turner

The retail landscape is changing dramatically, and tech giants like Amazon have an undeniable edge with their innovative technology and ability to keep up with consumer demands. However, despite the continued rise and popularity of e-commerce, having the right digital strategies and retail technology tools in place can empower brick-and-mortar grocers as they navigate this hyper-competitive industry—and help them earn market share.

Here, we discuss just a few retail e-commerce strategies that can set grocers apart and help them build strong digital relationships with their customers.

Prioritize Personalized Shopping Journeys

According to Mckinsey, 71% of consumers expect personalized shopping experiences—and 76% express discontent when a retailer falls short. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for grocers to push ads, discounts, and other savings opportunities that actually matter to their shoppers. For instance, there’s a critical difference between recommending dairy products and suggesting dairy alternatives to a vegan. The former suggests that the retailer doesn’t prioritize their preferences, while the latter proves they genuinely care about their customer—and are paying attention to their shopping needs.

Personalization demonstrates a retailer’s ability to authentically connect with their customers through multiple channels, from beginning to end. By pinpointing their purchase habits and providing relevant product recommendations, they actively embody a customer-first approach—which, in turn, increases lifetime loyalty, higher engagement, and impactful digital connections.

Implement a Robust Retail Mobile App

Many customers have resumed in-store shopping, but with a heavy reliance on their mobile devices. In fact, a startling 82% of shoppers are reported to rely on their phones before making a purchase. To remain competitive, grocers must take advantage of this trend and find ways to connect with their customers through the mobile platform.

A mobile app can be a powerful addition to a digital grocery platform—offering deeper customization and convenience. With popular features like digital shopping lists, updated product catalogs, contactless checkouts, and exclusive deals, customers can experience the best parts of digital shopping while browsing their favorite brick-and-mortar location. This creates positive rapport between shopper and retailer, prompting them to return, make repeat purchases, and remain loyal amidst a sea of competitors.

Create and Elevate Your Digital Grocery Platform with Swiftly

With tech giants trying to dominate the retail space, it’s important for brick-and-mortar grocers to hold their ground. Swiftly equips grocers with a powerful retail e-commerce solution that rivals big-name corporations and their retail media networks. Our array of tools and resources help you go above and beyond for your shoppers, with seamless feature integrations and personalized communication.

By partnering with Swiftly, grocers can enhance both the physical and digital shopping experience for their customers.

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