April 1, 2024
Retail Growth

Reinventing Customer Engagement: The Power of Mobile Retargeting


Mobile retargeting is making waves in digital marketing, proving itself as an essential strategy for reconnecting with customers. When it comes to the numbers, 17.5% of apps that use retargeting see a 25% conversion rate. Plus, retargeting outdoes all other ad placements with a 1,046% efficiency rate. And the main reason 37% of customers click on a retargeted ad? Product appeal. This shows the power of personalized and efficient marketing, thanks to first-party data.

From a customer’s experience, it’s as simple as browsing through a grocery store's mobile app but not completing the purchase. Hours later, as the shopper is using their smartphone, an ad pops up showcasing the same ingredients they were looking at earlier, now offered with a 10% discount. That’s mobile retargeting at work: using the shopper's past browsing data to remind them of their unfinished purchase and encouraging them to complete it with a little savings incentive.

As mobile retargeting becomes more prevalent, it also brings up big questions about privacy, the tech needed to make it happen and its place in the wider marketing world. Below, we’ll unpack these considerations and offer insights and tips for making mobile retargeting work within the retail technology landscape.

Addressing Privacy in Mobile Retargeting

Privacy is a cornerstone in the digital landscape, especially when it comes to mobile retargeting. The focus here is on using first-party data—data given directly by customers with their full consent. This approach not only meets strict privacy regulations like Europe's GDPR and the CCPA in the U.S. but also builds trust with customers. By being clear about how their data is used and making it easy for them to opt out, businesses create a marketing environment that respects privacy and values customer choice.

Decoding Tech Must-Haves for Mobile Retargeting

Successful mobile retargeting can be achieved with different levels of tech integration, depending on the scale and complexity of the campaign. While robust data management systems and advanced retargeting software enhance the effectiveness and scalability of retargeting efforts, they’re part of a broader set of tools that can power these campaigns.

At the core of mobile retargeting is the ability to utilize first-party data effectively, which can be achieved through a range of tools from simple retargeting solutions to more comprehensive data management platforms (DMPs).

The key to transforming user engagement through mobile retargeting lies in how well these tech solutions are aligned with the specific needs of the business and integrated with any existing systems. Whether a company employs a full suite of advanced tools or starts with basic retargeting software, the focus should be on creating a personalized and engaging customer experience. Adopting and adapting the right mix of technology to support mobile retargeting is crucial, offering businesses the flexibility to scale their efforts as they grow.

Integrating Mobile Retargeting Across Marketing Channels

Contrary to operating in a vacuum, mobile retargeting is most effective when it’s thoughtfully integrated into a wider digital marketing strategy. The strategic use of first-party data enables businesses to craft a holistic view of their customers, creating highly personalized interactions across every channel of communication. When mobile retargeting is synced with other marketing efforts such as social media, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), it amplifies a brand's visibility and engagement levels, resulting in a unified and impactful marketing ecosystem.

Mobile Retargeting for Enhanced Customer Connections

Within the world of retail technology, harnessing the power of mobile retargeting can dramatically shift the needle on customer engagement and skyrocket conversion rates. By tackling privacy head-on, identifying the tech essentials and weaving mobile retargeting into your broader marketing strategy, you're setting your business up for real success. This isn't just about playing by the rules or making things run smoothly—it's about crafting an irresistible, personalized journey for your customers that delivers solid results.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to morph and expand, understanding and implementing mobile retargeting becomes increasingly critical. To explore how mobile retargeting can help improve your marketing efforts and to see Swiftly's solutions in action, we invite you to book a demo with us.