September 19, 2022
Press Coverage

Second $100 Million Investment at Swiftly Unicorn Status Valuation

Henry Kim

Swiftly, a retail technology platform company delivering omnichannel tools for retailers, today announced a $100 million Series C funding round led by BRV Capital Management (BRV Capital), which would bring the company’s total valuation to more than $1 billion. In less than six months, Swiftly doubled their funding to $210 million as the company continues to provide brick-and-mortar retailers the technology needed to build strong digital customer relationships while offering a best-in-class retail media network. Its innovative solutions allow retailers to compete against retail giants that have deployed custom-built advanced tools in the retail market, long out-of-reach of most retailers.

Rapid Growth on the Horizon

BRV Capital led this Series C round of funding, which will be used to continue Swiftly’s rapid growth and to expand their product offerings and into new geographies.

Despite current economic conditions the top mega-retailers are dominating the industry by leveraging once out-of-reach technology, giving the top three retailers in the world a distinct advantage over the rest of the market. Swiftly enables retailers of all sizes to increase their bottom line so they are able to compete in an exponentially crowded market, all while combatting a slowing economy and rising inflation. Additionally, today’s retail giants are not just competing to capture consumer wallets, but are quickly becoming the world’s largest digital advertising platforms. Swiftly’s platform enables brick-and-mortar retailers to level the competitive landscape and grow their digital, loyalty and retail media programs through innovative, yet easily integrated solutions.

With all of these factors coming to play in the current competitive market, consumers expect retailers to provide a shopping experience that’s balanced between digital and in-store options. Through its comprehensive technology stack, along with a best-in-class retail media network, Swiftly provides the solutions for brick-and-mortar retailers attempting to make a digital transition that will help them thrive in the market.

“Our mission is to empower brick-and-mortar retailers to move from analog to algorithms, as winners in this new era of commerce will be determined by how fast they can reinvent their business to capture shoppers digitally and monetize those digital relationships,” said Henry Kim, co-founder and CEO of Swiftly. “We are grateful to BRV Capital for their support that will enable us to turn today’s brick-and-mortar retailers into tomorrow’s omnichannel leaders.”

Ready to Compete?

Swiftly is democratizing the technologies once monopolized, in a way that will foster more equitable competition. Additionally, retailers can generate new revenue from advertising dollars and empower brands to yield better analytics and higher return on ad spend, all while offering customers a more personalized and connected shopping experience.

"As e-commerce continues to surge, competition and technical complexity will make it harder than ever for brick-and-mortar retailers to stand out to consumers," said Brian Lee, Partner at BRV Capital. "Swiftly is enabling retailers to lead the next inflection point in e-commerce and digital advertising by harnessing the power of their first-party data, analytics and personalization to supercharge their shopping experience and retail media offerings to drive margin-rich topline growth. We are delighted to partner with Swiftly on their mission to help retailers compete with retail giants globally."

"We see an incredible opportunity for Swiftly to step into what we see as a 20-year lag in technology in the retail sector. The retail industry has long been slow to adopt new technology as the legacy analog systems they were built on have had little ability to integrate. This lag in innovation has led to an inequitable advantage for just a few retail giants worldwide," said Kwan Yoon CIO of BRV Capital. "Our investment in Swiftly marks our commitment to assist retailers around the globe, close the gap and drive a more equitable and stronger retail market worldwide."

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