May 16, 2022
Retail Growth

Tips To Help Shoppers Make the Most Out of a Grocery Trip

Sean Turner

Offer shoppers deep value with a grocery e-commerce platform that connects grocery loyalty programs with digital retail advertising.

Supply chain issues remain a challenge for retailers and shoppers in the foreseeable future. The Food Industry Association predicts “it’s going to be shaky into 2023,” as retailers scramble to find more inventory space and lean on technology to cope with labor challenges. Worse yet, Bank of America analysts see no signs of food inflation waning for the next 2-3 years.

Facing empty shelves and skyrocketing prices, shoppers are looking for savvy savings to avoid cutting back on lifestyle or brand preferences. Retailers have arrived at a critical moment as well: if they can show they understand the value-conscious consumer by offering the best possible deals and stocking the right products at the right time, they stand to gain long-term trust and loyalty. 

Leaning on a robust grocery e-commerce platform offers shoppers maximum value, trip after trip. By hopping on their mobile devices to pre-plan their lists based on the latest circulars, CPG brand offers, and grocery loyalty programs, they can lessen the impact of inflation and shortages. In-store, they can access convenient, modern mobile features that make their entire shopping experience more pleasant.

Tips to Offer Shoppers Big Value on Their Next Grocery Trip

The following approaches can help retailers deliver savings and value, while engaging consumers digitally and in-store to drive sustainable long-term revenue growth.

1. Aim for transparent inventory management

With inventory at a premium, retailers can meet consumer needs with a grocery e-commerce platform that allows shoppers to see what’s available with local store-specific pricing and inventory management in real time. An April 2022 Lucidworks survey found that shoppers are seeing increased “out of stock” messages online and in-store, but nearly a third of consumers say they’ll remain loyal to the grocery store or app to search a replacement if their preferred item is unavailable. More than half of shoppers say a low-stock notification would influence their purchase decision, with 80% of shoppers rushing in to buy right away. Intelligent push-based notifications, emails, and real-time in-app advertising represent tremendous opportunities for retailers to get people in-store—and coming back for more.

2. Make rewarding loyalty programs accessible

While grocery loyalty programs are nothing new, how they’re presented is evolving. Where once shoppers had to carry physical cards and look up program details buried online or in emails, they now anticipate everything will be integrated into the grocery e-commerce platform and automatically applied. After all, retailers only gain true engagement and loyalty if program users understand the reward structure and are able to redeem what they’ve earned. Shoppers who not only belong to loyalty programs—but actively participate—shop more frequently and fill up larger baskets than the average customer; so it pays off in the long run to deliver personalized deals, exclusive coupons, and bonus rewards. Increasingly, retailers are partnering with CPG brands to offer double the incentive for targeted purchases, which helps move inventory, increase trial, and drive affinity for both companies. 

3. Embrace new technologies that connect digital and in-store experiences

Reliance on digital tools for grocery shopping exploded during the pandemic, with no signs of slowing. Shoppers have grown accustomed to looking up information on their mobile devices—both at home and in-store—which is a fact retailers can’t afford to ignore. When tied to grocery loyalty programs, a supermarket’s app becomes a quick and convenient way to check rewards in the palm of one’s hand. When tied to digital retail advertising, the app becomes a revenue stream for CPG brand dollars eager to reach audiences in-store as they’re looking for last-minute substitutions and offers. Additional mobile features such as fast-lane checkout, cashless checkout, shopping list building, coupons, and free ship-to-home are extremely appealing, value-increasing options for today’s budget-conscious shoppers. 

Value-Conscious Shoppers Today, Forever Fans Tomorrow

With inflation and supply chain woes continuing for the foreseeable future, it’s more important than ever for retailers to consider how they might future-proof their businesses. Raising prices may be a short-term solution, but the most successful grocers will be the ones who also make strategic moves that focus on bigger picture value and loyalty. Swiftly has the grocery e-commerce platform and out-of-the-box solutions to help retailers grow in today’s digital world. After an initial infrastructure investment, Swiftly uniquely offers ongoing retailer support for a portion of the adshare proceeds—with no long-term contracts or monthly fees. Contact us to learn more.