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August 18, 2022


Top Omnichannel Trends Shaping the Future of Retail

The future of shopping is omnichannel—and with its growing popularity, it’s not enough for retailers and brands to connect with their customers across a few select channels. Instead, they need to ensure that their messaging is seamlessly integrated into every facet of the shopping journey, from start to finish.

Top Five Omnichannel Retail Trends Shaping the Future of Shopping

E-commerce Shopping

We live in an increasingly virtual world—and as technology continues to advance, so do our shopping methods. Whether it’s live video chat, which allows customers to virtually consult with sales professionals, or visual search, which allows shoppers to find similar products based on pictures, these virtual technologies enable retailers to establish new connections and drive sales.

Hybrid Shopping

While online shopping is definitely becoming the norm, 90% of shoppers still prefer the in-store experience—so why not have both? There are countless ways to appeal to the hybrid shopper—and retailers are beginning to understand that a true omnichannel experience means moving beyond a digital-centric approach.

Retailers can strategically connect digital with in-store by allowing customers to purchase online and pick up in-store, browse physical aisles with a mobile store app in hand, and beyond.

First-Party data

A cookie-less future is on the horizon. With third-party data quickly becoming obsolete, first-party data takes the reins, allowing retailers to gather data directly from the source. By giving consumers consent over the information they share, first-party data creates more room for meaningful, relevant and personalized shopping experiences. It’s no longer an option, but a necessity—especially with 85% of U.S. companies making it a top priority.

Retail Personalization

The omnichannel approach allows for more precise personalization, as it assesses the customer’s shopping behavior from multiple touchpoints. Customers appreciate feeling seen, and want to have their shopping needs and interests met. Retailers can provide each shopper with a unique experience from beginning to end, recommending products and promotions that add more value, boost loyalty, and increase spending.

Omnichannel Shopping Experience

By seamlessly unifying the various steps of a purchase journey, retailers leave shoppers with a positive impression. Whether they integrate shopping features into their social media platforms or include engaging videos with each product, omnichannel solutions strengthen their digital presence—and solidify a long-lasting relationship with their customer base.

Ready To Go Omnichannel?

By implementing these trends, retailers will be well positioned to thrive in the ever-evolving, competitive consumer environment. Swiftly’s robust retail analytics platform utilizes solutions like first-party data—so retailers won’t miss a beat.

Contact us today and learn how we can kickstart your omnichannel strategy.

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