Connect With Swiftly at FMI Midwinter 2023

Meet the team at FMI January 20-22, 2023 and discover what Swiftly's innovative retail technology can do for you.

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Meet the Future of Retail Technology.

Meet the Future of Retail Technology.

Retail Tools
We offer the only system to seamlessly connect with
retail customers across the shopping experience.
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Mobile Platform
We build mobile solutions that
use a
technology-first approach
to target both in-store and
ecommerce purchases.
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Retail Media
We use insights and 1st-party data
to get you your fair share of the $100B margin-rich retail media revenue market.
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Analytics & Insight
We use insights to provide a deep understanding of individual customer behavior, spending
habits and lifetime value.
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Connecting Shoppers and Retailers

"“The Swiftly team is amazing to work with. Their deep retail experience and powerful shopper and advertising technology combine to provide both an outstanding shopper experience and untapped retail media dollars."

Mary Kellmanson, Chief Digital Marketing Officer

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