April 21, 2022
Retail Growth

6 Ways To Engage Shoppers With Your Retail Mobile App

Sean Turner

Swiftly can build a retail mobile app or add features and functionality to an existing app to improve customer loyalty and brand advertising revenue. 

Attracting advertiser dollars is a top priority for retailers this year, and for good reason. Retail media has skyrocketed in popularity, and continues to shake up the industry with its momentous growth. For instance, US retail media ad spending in 2022 is projected to be $41.37M. However, this anticipated growth isn’t just limited to the country—worldwide retail media ad spending is forecasted to grow to a whopping $100B, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Retail media ads can be found on a retailer’s website, but the most influential location is on the retailer’s mobile app. Shoppers access retail apps for list-making, coupon-redeeming, inventory-checking purposes in-store, offering brands a more convenient way to connect with consumers in real-time—in-store and in-aisle—where most purchase decisions are made.

Brands aren’t the only party benefiting from a retailer’s investment in a memorable mobile experience; naturally, it’s a perk for consumers too. With 9 in 10 shoppers using smartphones in-store, it’s never been more important to move beyond online connections to create a more personalized shopping journey.

As a leading technology solutions provider for retail, Swiftly does more than just create a framework that blends your website, mobile app, and in-store components. Swiftly delivers rich enhancements to your mobile experience that engage shoppers and advertisers alike. Here are just a few ways how. 

How a Swiftly-Powered Mobile App Improves Customer Experience

If you have a mobile app already, that’s great! Your retail media platform will seamlessly plug into your existing architecture, connecting with your loyalty program. Swiftly can add modern features that create a more immersive experience for your shoppers. If you don’t currently have a retail app but want one, we can build a full-featured mobile experience for your shoppers and help you maintain it. 

Top customer loyalty-driving mobile app features include:

  • Digitized circulars and shopping lists

When shoppers log into your branded retail app, they can see both your store and brand partners’ promotions at a glance. They can use a digitized copy of the store circular in advance to make their shopping lists, look up recipes, and plan restocks. This leads to greater basket size and more in-store shopping trips.  

  • Rich product catalog information and multi-language translation

Shoppers feel more confident about their purchase decisions when they have all the information they need at their fingertips. A rich, detailed product catalog will go well beyond the product’s name and price, describing size or weight, flavors, ingredients, nutrition facts, and product reviews. Promotional photos, videos, recipes, marketing content, and special offers can be added to appeal to shoppers while they’re browsing in-aisle. What’s more, supporting multiple languages ensures that all customers receive the information they need.

  • Targeted promotions, coupons, and loyalty program rewards

Shoppers love a good deal. Deals influence where, when, and how people shop. The digital coupon redemption value is projected to surpass $91 billion this year. Additionally, 94% of shoppers redeem coupons in-store—prompting 38% of consumers to buy more and 67% to make unplanned purchases. Brand coupons can be combined with retailer rewards to further cement loyalty. 

How a Swiftly-Powered Mobile App Improves Advertiser Experience

Providing a fantastic brand experience is just as important for retailers who want to rake in the advertising revenue. Swiftly works with hundreds of brands to provide more direct, personalized marketing channels closer to the point of purchase.

Top advertiser-friendly features include:

  • Promotional campaign development tools

Brand partners will receive all the tools they need to deploy compelling multimedia promotions that capture attention and market share. The backend of the platform is intuitive and easy to use, allowing brands to easily showcase their products in look books, videos, and banner ads. 

  • First party data

Swiftly-built retail media networks provide advertisers with more than just consumer click data; they create a complete picture of how purchase decisions are made. This includes the collection of various types of interactivity data from a consumer’s shopping habits. The information can then be used to create targeted, personalized campaigns that deliver greater results.

  • Mobile scan-triggered functionality

With a mobile app, shoppers can scan products to pull up enhanced experiences, like entering contests or watching product videos. Adding a feature like drop-ship subscriptions for out-of-stock inventory ensures that brands (and retailers) don’t miss out on a sale just because the shelf is bare. Three quarters of shoppers tried click-and-collect during the pandemic, and 85% of customers who began their orders online made additional unplanned purchases while in-store. Another hot trend during the pandemic was the rise of mobile self-scan checkout, which Swiftly can set up for retailers wanting the latest innovations. 

The Bottom Line

With a custom-branded, downloadable mobile app built on our platform, you can choose all the features that future-proof your business:

  • Targeted ads
  • Rich catalog information 
  • Advanced search options 
  • Multi-language support
  • Shopping lists
  • Coupon clipping
  • Endless aisle subscription setup
  • Self-scan checkout

Week after week, Swiftly makes sure your app is populated with fresh content, including your latest weekly circular, coupons, and targeted ads. Shoppers love the user-friendly experience of accessing CPG brand coupons, recipes, videos, and notifications on their mobile devices to immediately inform their purchase decisions as they shop. Best of all, CPG brands enjoy close proximity to the point of purchase when they advertise through a retail mobile app packed with rich features that increase basket size and loyalty.

Ready to get started? Swiftly can help you build or augment your mobile retail platform to rival commerce, third party delivery service apps, and your biggest competitors, empowering you to truly own your customer experience. Contact us to learn more.